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Internet Fraud

Who can imagine a world without computers, electronic data processing, the internet or smartphones. The well-known “Bits and bytes” are essential parts in our work and in our personal live. The technology and applications are developing constantly and also the risk for internet fraud.

If you wish you can protect yourself or your company against this cyber crime with an 'Internet Fraud Insurance'.

Internet Fraud Insurance

The coverage for the Internet Fraud Insurance (also know as 'cyber risk insurance') for private persons could be included like :

When you're a victim of internet fraud, it creates the most immediate problems,
you can't returning the goods or you don't have your money refunded.

Online Shopping Fraud

Shopping online is convenient, but it can also be very dangerous. Scammers pretending to be legitimate online sellers and they rely on the anonymity of the internet. They present themselves online either with a fake website wit amazing deals or sending fake emails that ask you to click on a link or open an attachment. Please note as a standard rule : Never open any email link or open any attachment that seems suspicious, the best way is to delete the messages right away! And especially in the coverage for this Online Shopping Fraud, Insurance Companies offer you several insurance policy for persons and families.

Protect yourself against online shopping fraud!!

Cyber Crime

Cyber Crime is the fastest growing crime in the world! Cyber crime includes almost any criminal activity that can be done via the internet and computers. Cyber criminals are using malware (malicious software), viruses and fraudulent online scams to access to computers and networks. Cyber Crime is lucrative and is a easy way for criminals to make money, all tools and techniques can be easily found through the internet. A new kind of cyber crime is CryptoLocker, this is malicious software that encrypt files and then holds them for ransom.

Cyber Crime Insurance

The worldwide businesses have and must be prepared for a new and different generation of cyber crime. The Global Cyber Crime Insurance market forecast to grow to over USD 20 billion by 2025.(source Allianz). The Cyber Crime Insurance coverage a wide range of electronic perils that are increasingly threatening the financial resources of today's businesses. If you want to have your Business for a peace of mind, please contact your Insurance Company for the right type of Cyber Crime Insurance.


Phishing is a form of Internet fraud which criminals try to come via email after your bank details. Criminals lure you into a false (bench) website. However, this is a copy of the real website of the bank. Here you will be prompted to enter your username and password. In this way, the criminal will have access to your data. With all its consequences.

Internet Fraud Insurance

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internet fraud insurance

"Internet Fraud / Cyber Crime News"

Worldwide Cyber Crime is still increasing
These days international organised gangs use the anonynity of the World Wide Web to commit large-scale cyber crime. Till now this rising fraud crime wave has been substantial, but the international authorities / governments and the local public are only just recognising the real dangers of this this cyber crime behind their computer screens.

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Internet Fraud Insurance - Just to protect yourself against Cyber Risk!!